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We have a full suite of metal manufacturing tools, equipment, and facility. From seamless gutter machines to automatic brakes we have the power to manufacture a wide selection of metal products.

Metal Manufacturer & Metal Fabricating Company

Metal Fabrication

Custom built projects for residential or commercial services.

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High Quality Metal

We can work with aluminum, copper, and even steel.

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Precision Metal Manufacturing

Our machinery allows us to consistently and reliably produce quality metal products.

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Fabrication and Finishing

Let us know if you need special considerations for your project.

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Metal Manufacturing, The Midwest Way

Our midwest metal manufacturing facilty places emphasis on quality work and getting the job finished. Commercial construction can be exhausting and full of obstacles so it is our committment to not add to that complication. We are focused to deliver our products and services on time and done right.

It is common to execute on several different products and services for a single job. Metal roofing and low slope roofing systems, seamless gutters, coping caps, there is no limitation to the metal in regards to the scope of a project.

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Metal Sheets Sheared

Linear Feet of Metal Finished

Metal Manufacturing Projects & Designs

Standing Seam Roofs

We fabricate several sizes and styles of standing seam roof panels. Available in most of the colors we offer.

Custom Copper Designs

We offer several custom copper metal designs for both residential and commercial projects.

Metal Roof Metal

We can fabricate all styles, designs, and roof metal elements for both residential and commercial projects.

Exterior Wall Panels

Relatively newer to the market, are exterior metal wall panels, increasing the aesthetic of most commercial buildings.

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Metal Manufacturing Services Near Me

Discover the excellence of metal manufacturing products for your roofing and architectural needs! Our comprehensive range includes top-quality metal roofing materials, standing seam roofs, trim and edge metal, chimney caps, and more, designed to elevate the functionality, durability, and aesthetics of your project. With a focus on precision engineering and premium materials, our metal products are built to withstand the elements while adding a touch of sophistication to any structure. Whether you’re renovating a residential property or constructing a commercial building, our diverse selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements. Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality craftsmanship to deliver exceptional results that stand the test of time. Explore our range of metal manufacturing products today and elevate your project to new heights of excellence!

Premium Local Sheet Metal Products

Searching for top-quality sheet metal products? Our inventory boasts steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper, catering to diverse project needs. Whether it’s corrosion-resistant galvanized steel or elegant copper accents, we have you covered. With multiple gauges and premium metal colors available, we ensure a perfect match for your design. Explore our range today for your ideal sheet metal solution!

Metal Manufacturing Services & Metal Products

We have a full suite of metal manufacturing services and products available.
What types of metal designs can you bend or work with?

We have the machines to produce Tite-Lok Plus, Snap-Clad, and standing seam roofing panels. We will also work with you to fabricate any gutter apron, flashing, fascia, valleys, rake metal and more to accompany your roofing metal and finalize your project.

Do you offer custom metal fabrication?

Sometimes you need a custom metal fabrication for very specific areas or unique portions of a project. Our team will work with you to brainstorm, design, and execute on your custom order and deliver the custom metal you need.

What kind of gutters can you fabricate?

We have two seamless gutter machines. One runs 6″ inch gutters and the other one runs 7″ inch gutters. If you need custom box gutters or gutters made with a particular profile we can fabricate and produce your gutter in 10′ segments. We also provide flat stock end caps and splice plates for any gutter runs more than 10′.

What do you make your chimney caps out of?

We use 22ga galvanized steel to ensure not only maximum protection and longevity, but also make sure it does what it was designed to do. Stop chimney or stack leaks in the roof. Galvanized steel is the process of adding a protective layer of zinc to the steel to ward away rusting for as long as possible.

Metal Manufacturing Roofing Panels

Our Tite-Lok Plus and Snap-Clad roofing panel machine can run panels as long as needed. We purchase our coils and run them through our machine to the desired lengths. Once the substrate and insulation is laid then we can fabricate the roofing panels. We can also sell all the clips and accessories for the roofing panels so you may complete the installation.

Tite-Loc and Tite-Loc Plus panels require the use of mechanical seamers. When seaming panels on slopes greater than 6:12, caution must be exercised to prevent seamer slippage and resulting finish scratches that may void the warranty. Seamers are available along with hand crimpers and other tools through D.I. Roof Seamers, which is the only supplier of this equipment approved by Petersen Aluminum.

Metal Manufacturing Colors

We offer a wide range of manufacturers colored steel products. Drexel metals, MPI, & CMG are just a few of the colors we have available. If we do not have a color you see on our colors page then feel free to reach out and we will order the necessary colors.

Otherwise feel free to check out our store. Sometimes we have excess sheets of metal that we sell at cost or discount so make sure to check back often.

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