Galvanized Steel Chimney Caps

There are several variations and styles of chimney caps, however all them share one thing in common. Stopping chimney leaks from happening. That’s why we make our chimney caps out of 22ga steel and are designed to stand the test of time.

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Galvanized Chimney Caps

We fabricate several chimney caps a year for homes accross the midwest. We build our chimney chases out of 22ga galvanized steel and solder in rings for the chimneys. In some cases we even custom cut our storm collars to fit larger chimney stacks.

We also have come across some special case scenarios where we need to fabricate a rather large chimney cap or need extra long skirt pieces to properly cover them.

double decker chimney cap

In other cases home owners are looking for more elegance rather than longevity of our galvanized steel. Galvanized steel might be a good choice to weather the elements, but it does not always look the best. Talk to our specialists about fabricating custom chimeny caps that match the color scheme of the roof and also provide an elegant look beyond a typical chimney cap.

Metal Sheets Sheared

Linear Feet of Metal Finished

22ga Galvanized Steel

Every chimeny cap is fabricated from 22ga galvanized steel.

Precision Construction

Every chimeny cap is built to fit snugly, with 1/16″ all the way around.

Custom Fitted Pipes

After capturing all 4 measurements of the pipe we can build our pipe collar into the cap.

Soldered Joints

We solder our joints with a tin and lead alloy to ensure they are water tight.

In rare cases we need to fabricate a chimney cap more than 4″ down the sides. There are a few factors we look into before starting, but extended skirt pieces are mostly straight forward.

What we typically do is first create our skirt pieces at whatever length is necessary to seal the chimney from leaks. We will first create and attach one side of the skirt, and then attach the second half and wrap it around the first one to make sure we are sealed all the way around.

After the skirt is attached we will then fabricate and lay over a normal chimney cap to seal it from the top as normal. With this methodology we can cover easily cover 4″-24″ vertically down the chimney to protect it from the weather.

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