Metal Fabrication Services

We primarily offer custom metal services sourced from premium steel, aluminum, and copper. Our machinery allows us to bend up to 14ga steel and we have a huge selection of colored metal. That makes the possibilities endless.

Metal Manufacturer & Metal Fabricating Company

Metal Fabrication

Custom built projects for residential or commercial services.

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High Quality Metal

We can work with aluminum, copper, and even steel.

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Delivery Available

We can ship and deliver to most of the lower 48 states.

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Fabrication and Finishing

Let us know if you need special considerations for your project.

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Automatic Brake Services For Residential & Commercial Projects

With our 10′ automatic brake we are able to bend hundreds of linear feet within short spans of time. From gutter apron, flashing, or other metal applications needing fabrication. Once we have a signed project estimate we will begin the cutting and fabrication process for your metal project.

  • 14ga Maximum bend threshold
  • 10′ Maximum width threshold
  • 10′ x 48″ maximum sheet size unless ordering coils
  • Steel, aluminum, copper, & more
  • 1/16th – 1/8th Variance for finished products
  • Manufacturers: Drexel / Carlisle, CMG, Pac-Clad
  • Common Colors: Dark Bronze, Midnight Bronze, Bone White, Matte Black, Mansard Brown

Consistent Bending

Our automatic CNC brake consistently bends profiles accurately.

Common Profiles

We have a huge collection of metal profiles already saved and ready for production.

3x Faster

Our automatic brake accelerates our production by 3x over a manual brake.

1/16" Precision

Our brake has control and precision up to 1/16 of an inch.

Sheets of Metal Cut

Squared Feet of Cut metal

Automatic Shear Services; Cutting Metal To Project Specs

We have an automatic 10′ shear that allows us to quickly and efficiently cut metal to project specifications. If you are looking for metal cutting services look no further. We can cut full size sheets or coils of metal right here in our metal shop. If you provide a ‘cut list’ of metal, we will cut and stack it onto a 10′ pallet for delivery or pick-up. Whether you need flat stock or have means to bend metal yourself just let us know.

  • 14ga Maximum shear threshold
  • 10′ Maximum shear width threshold
  • 10′ x 48″ maximum sheet size (does not apply to coils)
  • Steel, aluminum, copper, & more
  • 1/16th Variance for finished cuts
  • Manufacturers: Drexel / Carlisle, CMG, Pac-Clad
  • Common Colors: Dark Bronze, Midnight Bronze, Bone White, Matte Black, Mansard Brown


Provide us a cut-list of your project and we will deliver or prepare it for pick-up.

Shearing To Fit

In some cases we can rebend metal and reservice your metal for you.

Ready to Bend Metal

Already have metal cut to spec and just needs to be bent? No problem, check out our automatic brake services.

Delivery + Pick-Up

Shipping available for most of the lower 48 states. Otherwise pick-up with loading available.

CNC Plasma Cutter

We carry 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ steel that we can cut. We have software that we can design and create files for the CNC table to cut whatever you need from steel.

Powder Coating

If you need to powder coat your metal please talk with our staff about your needs and timeline. Powder coating has very long lead times so we need to plan ahead.

Custom Metal Fabrication

If you require a custom metal service like a collector head or ornate copper trim, we can discuss your necessities and meet specs for your project.

Vortex Metal Fabrication Work Process

1. First Contact

Whether by phone or by email, our first meeting we will cover introductions, lay out expectations, and answer initial questions about our company.

2. Consultation

Sometimes consultation comes with first contact, but sometimes we need to setup a followup meeting to examine the scope of work in its entirety.

3. Bid Proposal

Once we have all project requirements we will put together a proposal for review. Colors, materials, measurements, fabrications, and delivery of goods will be presented for approval.

4. Fabrication

Once we have a signed approval we will begin the fabrication process. Here we will require a down payment which once received will commence work.

5. Delivery

After fabrication has been completed we will make contact to setup a delivery or arrange for pick-up if that is instead required.

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